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Updated: Dec 26, 2022

New episode of the "5 minutes with" blog from Berlin with the group DRM and the photographer Edward Nigtingale. This also announces the arrival of the book Depicting Recent Memories.

"...DRM opens the trap door of the emergency exit to take us into the vast underground of Berlin...".

Thus, the photographer Edward Nightingale introduces us to the new book "Depicting Recent Memories", which was produced with Acid79, Micro, Shus, Area and Mad from the DRM Crew between 2016 and 2020. So it's not a classic book based on information about one of Berlin's most interesting graffiti groups that we have in front of us, but a visual journey through the tunnels of the capital:

"An isolated world - dark, dusty concrete caves where time seems to stand still. Exclusive and atmospheric shots in the underground tunnels, it is about distress and friendships after many years in the game".

Of course, flipping through the book, you still see the very meticulous and detailed DRM styles on the Berlin subways - but what is almost more important is how well Edward Nightingale has managed to immerse himself in a world marked by extraordinary adventures and a short lifespan. All that is missing is the smell of the tunnel to complete the experience.

The 320-page book contains some text, but is dominated by the atmospheric photographs of Edward Nightingale, who accompanied the DRM team for a long period in the Berlin tunnels. For those interested in the book, is available in our shop. took advantage of the book's release to integrate the DRM CREW and Edward Nightingale into their 5MINUTES series and produce a feature episode. They let the creators themselves speak, and then of course the images that were part of the process and ultimately form the basis of a book like "Depicting Recent Memories".

"Depicting Recent Memories"

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