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Fanzine & VHS collector 90'

During the confinement some people file their photos and others store their cellar and it's thanks to this that we come across forgotten nuggets.

Thanks to the second option, we just found some fanzines and VHS from the 90s.

Firstly, the fanzine Paris Conexion n°2 was published in 1996 by Gaz UV. It includes pictures of the PSL, RER, metros, stations and trucks in Paris, a special on trains in Holland, a special on the letter S, ... as well as the original cover of the VHS Ultimate Video 1 released in 1999 and published by Siter UV.

At the bottom of another box of VHS Ultimate Video 1 produced by Siter UV still in blister pack. More than 70 minutes of action and train rides from 1993 to 1999 with more than 100 Whole-cars. From the trains in Paris to the underground to New York... with the UV, TPK, D77 crew...

And finally the mythical Italian magazine Maccaroni numero zero also released in 1996 by the writer Trota from Rome. Devoted mainly to the Roman graffiti scene on the metro but also to trains and walls, as well as a special on Barcelona and Holland.

If you have any collector's or recent magazines and would like to sell them, please contact us.

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