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Grenzgebiet - DVD

After its release in German cinemas the film Grenzgebiet is available on DVD. This film is a graffiti road shot some time ago in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. It is a journey to do graffiti on trains. Matti_cordewinus has not filmed the rooms, at least not in such a way that you can read them.

He is interested in the people behind them, their faces, the sweat and fear, their personalities and the whole atmosphere around the journey.

Grenzgebiet is available on DVD at their bigcartel with subtitles in French, Spanish, English and Russian.

"Alex, Henne and Ivan are on holiday in Eastern Europe. It soon becomes clear that the three friends are only focused on one thing: Where is the next train? How do we get there unseen? How to get away scot-free? "Grenzgebiet" (border area) is about people who specialise in spraying trains. The film treads lightly on the brakes, refrains from capturing their works, and instea"


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