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Overrated magazine #7 2019-2021

With a little delay due to Covid, the Dutch graffiti reference magazine Overrated is finally back with more than 240 pages of photographs documenting graffiti on trains, subways and trams from all over the world.

This issue features the following special sections:

  • Fighting The Machine, by Behind

  • Berlin, by Peter Stelzig

  • Watt

  • Fuck You All (FYA)

  • Beer Team (BT)

  • Business As Usual, by True, Rambos & End

  • Way 2 Drunk (W2D)

  • Nothing Special, by Defs

  • Ixap, by Edward Nightingale

  • Locked Up Abroad, by Jaezo

  • Serio's Business, by Serio

  • And lots of mini specials

The magazine Overrated numéro 7 is available now for pre-order and will be shipped at the end of the month.


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