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SOFRESH podcast #03 SHEEK TCG the guardian of the temple pt.1 and 2

Third episode of the SOFRESH podcast series hosted by SITER and SOMY This one is dedicated to the tagger Sheek TCG (The Crime Gang) in this first part he tells us about his childhood in Aubervilliers, his discovery of rap in the early 80s. Then he talks about his passion for beatboxing and tagging, the atmosphere of the Chapelle wasteland, DJ Dee Nasty's free jams, the underground warehouses with the TCG...

Enjoy your listening:

In this second part, he talks about the creation of the rap group Nec + Ultra, their first maxi "Je rap" released in 1988, the Deenastyle show on radio Nova, the creation of the NTM but also the clashes with the groups Assassin and NTM.... And his return in the 2000s on the internet to settle his scores.

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