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Sofresh Podcast 2 - AIR DUC

The series of podcast Sofresh initiated by Somy DUC and SITER UV these meetings were held with the writers of Colombes (92) AIR des DUC.

Activist of the hip-hop movement from the end of the 80's to today, he is a jack of all trades: tagger, graffiti artist, dancer, ...

Two episodes are dedicated to him:

A first part, where he tells us about his discovery of hip-hop, his beginnings in graffiti and dance... But also about his encounter with SINO and DARCO, 2 very important graffiti artists on the Paris Saint Lazare (PSL) line.

The second part is dedicated to his Hip-Hop magazine "Keep it Real", the radio show Flowmaster, his travels in Europe, his workshops at the MJC of Herblay, and the artistic scene on the Reunion Island.

Some photos:

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