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Xplicit Grafx magazine

In 1992, the very first issue of Xplicit Grafx magazine appeared, the beginning of a long and eventful adventure.

After fourteen years and two series, XG, which is a French and international reference in graffiti, unveils its third series which will start in 2006 with thirteen issues, the adventure will end in 2010. That year, we decided to take up the torch in our own way with the French Kiss magazine.

While waiting for a fourth series to come out one day,... we have unearthed a few copies because today the 3 series are partially sold out and became "collector's".

Series 2 with the double issue 008/009 published in 2004:

The numbers, 1 (Os Gemeos), 2 (Bates AIO), 3 (Rebok AF) as well as the 6 (Smole FTW) of the third series released between 2006 and 2007:

More issues are expected to arrive ...

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